Dyslexia Bible Project

The Dyslexia Bible project was launched to help Christians with dyslexia have a Bible that was easy to read. Research had shown that changes to color, font, and spacing can have a positive effect for people with dyslexia. Such changes make reading easier and faster. So, we created a version of the Bible that follows these recommendations. The response has been enthusiastic!

GoalPublish a dyslexia-friendly version of the Bible
WebsitesDyslexia Bible
ServesThose with dyslexia and similar visual difficulties
LaunchedDecember 2019
ManagerDavid Waddington
FutureMake all of our content have a dyslexia-friendly version
Dyslexia Bible is the only dyslexia-friendly Bible version
Guided by the British Dyslexia Assocation
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