Scripture School Project

The Scripture School Project grew out of requests from homeschooling families for a basic yet comprehensive Bible class for their children. The Scripture School Project is a course that walks students through the entire Bible.

For the high school and above course, there are 180 lessons. Each lesson is designed to take about an hour for the student. In this course, the student will read through every chapter of the Bible.

For the middle and upper elementary school (ages 10+) course, there are 260 lessons. For this course, each lesson is a single chapter and can be read by the student independently or alongside the teacher. While this course spans the entire Bible, not every chapter or book of the Bible is read by the student. 30 of the books of the Bible are included in this course.

In addition to supplements like a book outline and overview, each Bible chapter has follow-up questions. These questions, while simple and derived directly from the text of each chapter, ensure that the student was reading and staying on task.

GoalPublish an accessible Bible study curriculum for kids, youth and adults
WebsiteScripture School, Kids' Scripture School
ServesThose who need Bible study classes
LaunchedAugust 2020
ManagerMatt Carter
FutureHave a teacher available for feedback and discussion
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