ADHD Bible Project

The ADHD Bible Project was launched to help Christians with ADHD have a Bible that was easy to read. To help maintain attention while reading, simple focusing questions accompany most paragraphs. As well, research on reading shows that readability improves with the use of color, font, and spacing. While these adjustments are not as pronounced as in our Dyslexia Bible Project, they are definitely noticeable. Compared to standard versions, this ADHD Bible version is also easier for most everyone to read on small screens.

GoalPublish an ADHD-friendly version of the Bible
WebsiteADHD Bible
ServesThose who find it difficult to focus while reading
LaunchedDecember 2019
ManagerMatt Carter
FutureMake all of our content available in an ADHD-friendly version
This Bible is the only ADHD-friendly Bible version
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