Devocast Project

Want something edifying for your morning commute? Want filled with the Word without hauling out your Bible? Can't find a Bible reading plan that fits your schedule? Do you want the Heidelberg Catechism or some focusing prayer with Scripture? These needs are what Devocast was built for.

Devocast enables believers to customize an audio devotional podcast to their exact specifications. It puts you in charge of deciding what goes in and how long it will last.

Don't want to bother with all of those choices? Then choose from Devocast's menu of hand-selected premade devotional podcasts instead.

GoalCustomizable audio devotions for individuals and groups
ServesBelievers primarily located in the highly secular urban centers of North America, Europe, and East Asia. Examples:
  • Brooklyn
  • Copenhagen
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Hong Kong
LaunchedJanuary 2019
ManagerMatt Carter
FutureMake a mobile app
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