Welsh Bible Project

The Welsh Bible project was launched to help Christians learning colloquial Welsh have a Bible translation in their own heart's language. The primary Welsh translation is in literary Welsh, which is significantly different from colloquially spoken Welsh. There has been an outpouring of help and interest from Christians and chapels in Wales for this effort. There will be website, mobile app, audio, and print versions available!

GoalPublish a common colloquial Welsh version of the Bible
WebsitesBible.Wales, Beibl.cymru, Darllenydd Beibl, Penillion Darllenydd Beibl, Cyfeiriadau Beibl, Beibl Cyfochrog, Penillion Cyfochrog Beibl, Beibl Cyfochrog a Chwetiyn, Penillion Cyfochrog Beibl a Chwestiynau, Beibl Cyfochrog ac Arsylwadau, Cyfeiriadau Beibl a Chwesiynau, Cyfeiriadau Beibl ac Arsylwadau, Beibl Sain, Beibl Darllenydd Cwesiynau, Astudio'r Beibl
ServesWelsh speakers and learners
LaunchedSeptember 2019
ManagerDavid Carter
FutureMake all of our content have a Welsh translation
This is the only colloquial Welsh Bible translation
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