Common Devotional Project

How can we learn how to pray well? How should we blend Scripture and prayer together? For the believer, these questions have already been answered for us in the biblical form of worship popularized by the British Puritans. The Common Devotional Project unleashes the time-honored structure of Reformed Christian private and family worship in an accessible and mobile format.

Believers from across the denominational and geographic spectrum have been using Common Devotional for years now. Its simple text-based and lightweight format make it ideal for those believers in developing nations who often lack the fast bandwidth and latest web technology necessary for fancier services. Its subdued language and tone are appropriate for worship during the quieter parts of our day.

GoalWorship-based daily devotional for individuals and families
WebsiteCommon Devotional
ServesA geographically expansive range of believers, especially families. Examples:
  • La Crete, Alberta: a small Mennonite community in Northern Alberta
  • Byske, Sweden: a tiny village in Northern Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia
  • Jalpaiguri, India: A large city in West Bengal, near the Chinese border
LaunchedNovember 2016
ManagerMatt Carter
FutureMake a mobile app
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